OpenSpace Co-op

FINN LEWIS, OPENSPACE HULME MANCHESTERIn 2008, I was one of the founder members of OpenSpace, a co-working co-operative based in Hulme, South Manchester, specialising in affordable work space for co-operatives and social enterprises. It’s a great place to meet like-minded, ethical businesses.

Based in the iconic Work for Change co-op building, I helped found the project, developing the core business plan, building the start up co-op and finding capital funding to install a new mezzanine. I also commissioned the marketing and website materials.

OpenSpace team

Future Ethics – Beyond the Tipping Point?

BTTPheaderBeyond the Tipping Point? was a film project of ethicist Dr Stefan Skrimshire. The film, effectively the end product of his PhD, featured interviews with writers, philosophers and thinkers on the subject of belief and climate change. The central question of the film looked at the importance and usefulness of so-called ‘tipping points’, markers in relation to climate change beyond which there is ‘no return’. How useful are these in motivating action on climate change and what happens when these time-markers elapse? I assited Stefan in planning the launch night and promoting the film.

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new economics foundation – Ration Me Up


I worked with Andrew Simms, Ruth Potts and Corina Cordon of new economics foundation to curate artists interventions engaging with themes of taking action on climate change.

The key project Ration Me Up, was led by environmental performance artist Clare Patey working with nef climate scientist Victoria Johnson and designers Thomas Matthews. Ration Me Up consisted of a modern day carbon ration book featuring ‘carbon stamps’ that could be spent on a range of activities, up to a personal carbon ration ceiling for the month.

Launched at The Bigger Picture event on the South Bank in London with a 1940s-style performance, a follow up project website encouraged volunteers to try and live a month using the ration book. Their experiences were documented on the site.

I worked with nef to develop and seek funding for the project and I curated Ration Me Up.


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Journeys – Communities for Change

Bolton Journey - 0275

A Greater Manchester-based, year long, participatory project involving community groups and activists in discussions around sustainability and local impact. The project featured a series of ‘journeys’ in which community activists travelled together, for example by canal boat, bus or train, visiting other voluntary organisations pioneering innovative sustainable projects. This culminated with ‘Communities for Change’ a celebratory, public event held at the Manchester Metropolitan campus in Didsbury, South Manchester. I acted as a project manager, facilitator and researcher.

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