UHC Collective/Ultimate Holding Company

Out Of My Life Media

I was a co-founder of UHC Collective, an arts/activist and ethical marketing organisation which began in 2003. I was involved as an activist researcher and artist and acted as account manager for marketing operations. I left to pursue my own projects in 2007.


uhc studio

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Wythenshawe Forever! climate change project


Wythenshawe Forever! was a DEFRA-funded climate change campaign carried out by UHC Collective, Radio Regen and MERCi in 2007. It featured a range of creative, participatory, community-based activities addressing issues of sustainability and climate change. The project culminated with a Party Without Pollution, an outdoor celebration ‘powered’ through carbon saved during the project. I developed the project and acted as a researcher, artist and project sponsor.

Thin Veneer of Democracy table


A 16 feet, oak table, designed and built in 2006 by UHC Collective, etched with a diagram, mapping power relations between key interests associated with the regeneration of Manchester. The work sought to reveal the links between multiple interests including private sector, public sector and educational organisations. I contributed the research that formed the map.


table detail

UHC – Collective Works

OpenCity book spread

UHC Collective Works is a monograph documenting UHC’s OpenCity, anti-regeneration activist art work during 2005/6. The project critiqued the housing-led, neoliberal regeneration of Manchester, identifying increasing inequality and the transfer of public assets in to private hands. I worked as an artist and lead researcher on the project. This is me with a modified shopping trolley displaying anti-regeneration propaganda messages on LED signs. Interventions book spread